Made in China: Vertigo System

Watch Vertigo System in HD!

Vertigo System is based on the automatisation of a cinematographic technique called Dolly Zoom. Also know as Vertigo Effect named after Hitchcock’s movie from 1958.

Vertigo effect is an in-camera effect based on a really simple optical game. It’s a highly unsettling effect with strong emotional impact, often used to emphasise dramatic events in the story-line. By automatising the vertigo effect and transferring into a real time process you can suddenly find yourself in a frightfully different reality. Your background becomes a variable surrounding, an all-relative universe where you can experience an elementary feeling of subconscious distress.

Vertigo System has been presented as a result of the Summer Sessions residency program at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai. Sponsored by V2_Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam.

early concept: Máté Pacsika and Anna Ildikó Pető project management: Art Yan programming: Weifeng Zhou installation design: Zsófia Szőke assistance: Liu Wei special advisor: Wang Feng, Bence Német, Dávid Mórász documentation: Zan Xie, Fancy Rise show & pr & power: Basement 6 Collective many thanks: Sophia Lin, Weiyi Hu, Kálmán Tarr, Eddy, Karen Niu, Sasa Qin and June Yu