by Space Detournment Working Group

The Downtown Smogreductor, an algae-based air cleaning station was born as the answer for the questions of Blaha Lujza Square’s environmental condition and its use as an urban space, reduced to serve through-traffic. The Smogreductor’s custom circulation system was installed in a Buckminster Fuller type dome, evoking the inventor’s DIY utopias and counterpointing the square’s architectural decay. The introduction of a new player in the unbalanced urban ecosystem, native Balaton algae (Selenastrum capricornutum) – that performed well as a celebrity too –, functioned as an unexpected producer of oxygen, relieving humans of inhaling harmful substances, while the Smogreductor, which also screened a film on algae’s environmental role as an info-center, detoured masses from their daily routines, making the square a place to visit and stay.

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Bio-catalyst Experimental Module
Budapest, Blaha Lujza Square, 2009