Sauna Institute Délegyháza

Sauna Institute Délegyháza
with Zsófia Szőke and Zsófia Paczola

We noticed that Délegyháza is a kind of a mass of many private plans. Everyone tries to make a self-owned connection with the lake even though the water is a common property. Considering that privacy is respectful, we are seeking for public actions in experiencing this unique value of environment and nature.

In the summer season Délegyháza seems already quite busy thanks to the Plage so we found important to eect something that keeps people active all year round. Our aim is to bring somefun into the dark and silent winter days also.

We designed a little floating island with a public sauna on board that hopefully will bring people together.

This cabin is able to adapt to dierent seasons and tasks. When its necessary in the summer thesauna turns into an open-air pavilion that might be a perfect spot to imbibe every kind of community events like cooking, music gigs or late night brainstorms.

We also developed a cableway raft-system, which allows you to pull yourself from one side of thelake to the other. It also can solve those connection problems where it is not possible to walkaround the lake (like we experienced during our visit).

The sauna always needs a surveyor to be clean, safe and stand-by everytime.We might discuss with the local civic organisations how to keep available to everyone this placein the distant future. This way it could function as a very special meeting point serving the village.