Arena Project

This March, along with dozens of new stadiums an unusual arena is going to be passed in the hungarian Prime Ministers home village with a population 1500. Los Angeles’s citizens might have NFL matches again after a long time, thanks to an 800 million development.

What kind of unique cultural role / importance do we attach to these institutions if this amounts we are able to sacrifice for it? What is the political and social message behind? What kind of mediated space are we dealing with? By revealing the simple idea behind exact system of regulations it gives the freedom of creativity to bypass and override these schemes.

Are we able to hack those dull reflexes? How to bring into question the propagandist intent of the arena? Childish ingenuity and optimism, or even more contemporary critical pragmatism find exciting ideas for regeneration of architectural tools? The goal is to establish an user discussion, which can open up a dialogue towards the contemporary culture, and even the possibilities of visual education.


Arena Project

Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

Under construction: football stadium in Prime Minister’s village, Hungary (photo: Kurucz Árpád)

Football Stadium by Helmut Smits

Polder Cup by Maider López

Apollo by Olaf Nicolai, at Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam

San Diego Arena for Dinosaurs (Jurrasic Park)

Unfinished Italy (documentary)