Into the Shepard Zone

I am happy to announce that my new project ‘Into the Shepard Zone’ got supported by Creative Industries Fund NL. This experimental sound project is based on the Shepard tone, an auditory illusion of a tone that seems to rise or fall infinitely, but in reality stays within a fixed range. Under the working title Into the Shepard Zone, an automatic system is being developed where the public can sing and make noise or music and immediately listen back in the Shepard-Risset glissando, which is the perfect loop version of shepard tone.

In the first phase we are developing the basic element of this system: after understanding how this illusion works, we program and try multiple scripts to get the perfect illusion and also experiment with different setups to work out the most suitable ways of interactions. The goal is to design a series of acoustic architectural mockups and to test these with a public in Varia, Rotterdam.

I am working together with sound composer and designer René Thie and architect Iris van der Wal. The plan is to develop the project into a bigger scale AV-installation in the future.