Falling Object Levitation Observer
by Máté Pacsika

Imagine a machine that shows how any of your objects behave during free fall, a device that in real-time transforms the final moment before landing into a floating image, then projects and archives it. The end product of the Floatomat is an infinite video stream of infinite objects.

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Floatomat reflects my research about relations between Attraction and Narration in media arts. In a way, it is a happening, calling for participation from the spectator by dropping down the objects. Every act of leading to the fall is an emotional non­ plus ­ultra in this event. And it is also a complex and useful machine for investigating physical effects, like falling, which otherwise would be difficult to observe. Thirdly, Floatomat is an infinite spectacle, a non­stop mirage, the perfect eyecandy, reflecting on the contradiction and fading between scientific and illusionary aspects of Entertainment Systems, a very problematic field. On top of the attraction, a self-generating database is made here, from which an abstract infinite length clip is created. Floatomat works as a recorder, which is also a lab, where anything can happen, like in a casual particle collider.

consultant professors: János Szirtes, Antal Bodóczky

programming: Dávid Mórász, Zsolt Korai
installation: Zsófia Szőke
sound: Csongor Pogonyi, Dávid Mórász
documentation: Gábor Pribék

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest – 2012

Launch Party & Daylight – June 2012