Creative Hangover Club

Creative Hangover Club (CHC) is an art research proposal based on a physiological phenomenon that I just call Creative Hangover. This project has many interesting aspects but no definitive goals. We might have the capability to question today’s understanding of creativity through observing an unseen mindset.Creative Hangover is a special state of mind on the day after a heavy drinking. Feels like every other hangover but in some cases and for a few people it gives some benefits over the head-ache and the inbalanced metabolism: strange and beautiful thoughs, an unique creative mindset where everything relates to everything. Suddenly everyday issues become inspirations for better life, social environment morphs into a love of interactions. It can not be compared to the effects of hallucinogenes or stimulants because there is no direct influance: the head is clean and besides a little bit of sick feeling everything is functioning as usual. It is hard to give an accurate description of Creative Hangover but what every subject agrees on it is that it is a very joyful and unmistakable state that can only felt during those specific days that normally everybody wants to skip.

It usually happens after a long-drawn night of drinking, preferably with lager beer or anything that you can drink for 6-8 hours without a knock-out. It is recommended to avoid drinking 1-2 hours before bed and only sleep 4-7 hours. Right after breakfast you might feel Creative Hangover so grab a paper and a pencil or just go for a Sunday dérive. Stop yourself before opening your laptop with internet or turning on TV. A good talk partner could be also very fruitful for inducing and maintaining Creative Hangover.

I gather people from different backgrounds and create the conditions for the deep understanding of this very rare case of active mind. It is a qualitative and quantitative research on the fundamental deifnition of creativity itself.


credits: The Women of Amphissa, by Sir Lawrence Alma (hit from