born in 1987 in Budapest, Hungary
lives and works in Budapest (HU) and Rotterdam (NL)

studio: ’s-Gravendijkwal 149, Rotterdam, NL
e-mail: mpacsika@gmail.com

Studio of Young Artists Association 2012 -
Space Detournment Working Group 2009 – 2011



2006 – 2012
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design MOME, Budapest, HU
MA Media Design
MA Art Education

Willem de Kooning Academie WdKA, Rotterdam, NL
faculty of Audiovisual, with Erasmus


Selected Screenings, Exhibitions, Experience

2015 Summer Sessions presented by V2_  at Ars Electronica 2015, Linz, AT
2014 Lecture on Crossover and Cooperative Network, K11 art museum, Shanghai, CN
2014 Vertigo System, residency project at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, CN
2013 Intern at V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, NL
2013 ESSL ART AWARD, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest, HU
2013 28/31, Studio Gallery of Young Artists Association (FKSE), Budapest, HU
2012 MEDIADESIGN piknik, Design Terminál, Budapest
2012 MOME Diploma 2012, Ponton Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, HU
2012 Floatomat Launch Party, Budapest, HU
2010 Mome Media Drops, Toldi Cinema, Budapest, HU
2010 Urban Traces project & exhibition, Transfer Galerie, Berlin, GER
2010 VIP: Vagabonds in Power exhibition by Omkamra, Münster, GER
2009 ‘Comments about the 20 year old democracy’, Joseph Beuys – Omnibus project, Budapest, HU
2009 Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest, HU
2009 MOME Mozgó, Kino Cinema, Budapest, HU
2008 Art Expo Fresh – International Biennale for Young Artists, Art Mill, Szentendre, HU
2008 RE:68, Akku, Budapest, HU
2008 39th Hungarian Film Festival, Budapest, HU
2008 MOME Maraton on Museums Night,  Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, HU
2007 Your Review, Art Meeting, Labor, Pécs, HU
2007 LED Happening, Octopus Art Place, Sziget Festival, Budapest, HU
2007 Videoport,  Kunsthalle, Budapest, HU
2006 Noise of Generations Festival, performance, DMH, Szentendre, HU
2005 Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre, HU
2005 Exhibition associated with Performance Festival, Art Mill, Szentendre, HU
2004 Garden Story exhibition, Szentendre, HU